Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Morning Spent Behind the Scenes

Well HI everyone how is your day going?

We had another wonderful and warm day here. Are you wondering what we were doing? I hope so or I will be writing this for nothing ha ha!!

This morning we left the hotel at 7:45 am yes that is right we got up that early on our holidays. Crazy I know but so worth it!!

We had to be at the Magic Kingdom by 8:30 this morning to be at City Hall for the start of the Keys to the Kingdom tour. It is a 6 hour tour that gives you the ins and outs of the Magic Kingdom. We spent time walking around Main Street USA with out tour guide Anna. She was so good! We rode The Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Haunted Mansion. We walked around back stage and I have been sworn to secrecy about what we saw back there. You will have to do the tour if you want to know!

After our tour was over we rode the Liberty Belle, it is an old paddle wheel boat. It was something I have always wanted to do but something always seemed to happen to the boat or we ran out of time. Then we did a few more things at the MK and decided to go to Disney Hollywood Studios for their night time fireworks show Fantasmic. It is a neat show.

We came back to the hotel and went in the hot tub for a bit and now back in the room.
It wasn't a stressful day today but I am tired.

Tomorrow is our last day here. We are planning to hit all 4 parks and the boys have their NASCAR ride alongs tomorrow. It will be a busy and late day tomorrow.

There is not much for pictures today as there are no cameras allowed on the tour but I will post a few of the ones we took after.

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