Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Last Day

Well as promised I am blogging from home.

We got home just before 2pm this afternoon.
But I will tell you about yesterday.

So the boys got Richard Petty Ride along experiences each for Christmas. So it was the day to do this. The boys were driven around the Walt Disney World Speedway at 145 mph. They loved it!! It was so fun seeing them get out of their cars. They were very happy!

After they were done we went to Magic Kingdom to catch the last few things we wanted to do. We walked around Tom Sawyers Island and then we went to the Haunted Mansion and then ran over to Pirates of the Caribbean. We had fast passes for Big Thunder so we did that. Had one last Dole Whip and then left the park. We had to take the monorail to the TTA as the ferry was still down BUT we got to the Contemporary and the monorail decided not to work to. The Contemporary staff had no idea what was going on so they were no help. We walked back to the TTA. We had to follow the monorail posts back to the TTA. It was quite an adventure.

We then drove to EPCOT and got a locker and then walked to DHS. We rode Rockin Roller coaster and were lucky enough to walk on that. We ran over to Tower of Terror and walked on that so we ducked back in to the ride and walked on it again! We had supper at Fairfax Fair and headed off for Toy Story Mania but it was a 60 min wait so we headed back to EPCOT but passed Star Tours and there was no one in the line so we ran on to it. We had been the only people in our car but at the last min a family of 5 came on but it was still fun!

Took the boat ride back to EPCOT and spent time there as it was extra magic hours. We rode Spaceship Earth and then went to Honey I Shrunk the Audience, Journey in to Imagination and then to Sorin` then off to our last ride Test Track.

We went back to the Caribbean Beach Resort and packed up and went to bed as wake up call was 3:30am.

We got to the airport this morning at about 4:20 and flew home.
The connection times were tight and we had to run thru the Minneapolis airport again but we made it home!

We had a surprise at the airport. My cousin Brett was there with Kevin`s nieces Lauren and Ella. I came out the doors and had 2 little girls run full out at me! it was great!!!

When we got home the boys started moving snow as there had been a huge blizzard the night we left. There is a ton of snow.

Well I think that is it for my blogging for this trip. Hopefully I will think of something to write while waiting for another trip to pop up.

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it!

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