Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wandering in the Snow

Well it has been just over a week since we returned from the Happiest Place on Earth aka Walt Disney World. With that return home it meant back to work back on the workout kick and snow.

I guess that is just a fact I am going to have to live with the rest of my life. I have no intentions at this time to leave the world of two seasons. Snow and no snow. I like the snow it is our own winter playground.

Growing up in Saskatchewan, Canada we have never had a winter when there was no snow (that I can remeber any way). There is something magical about all that white stuff all over the ground. I try to ignore the low temperatures that come with the snow. I sit on the second floor of our old farm house and look out the window. The sky is overcast today so the horizon of grey meets the white and it does look kind of bleak but still and peaceful. It is one of the few days there is no wind. The big tree outside my window is not moving and that is always a nice thing to see.

So you are probably wondering why I am rambling on about the snow and lack of wind right? Well I decided I have been cooped up at work for the week since returning home and I wanted to get out and walk around the farm for a bit. Thinking that if the sun peeked out I would take my camera and try to capture some of the beauty of the snow.

I put on my jacket, mitts and fake Ugg's and left the warmth of the house. I decided I would only walk places that wouldn't make the snow go over my boots (they are the tall ones). So I walked out our road and the pond looked nice so I walked over there and made it about 10 feet before my tall boots were not tall enough. Ok well I am here now so I might as well keep going. Well by the time I made it back to the road I had snow up to my knees and quickly my shins were starting to be really cold. Oh well I am a Canadian farm girl I can handle it so I wandered around a little more. I snapped about 30 pictures and then my Canadian farm girl attitude failed and I bee-lined it back to the house. My Wranglers wet from my knees to the top of my boots, shins starting to feel numb but my feet were toasty warm (always a good thing). The pictures were not bad. I love snow drifts and how they blow in around things and they sure blew in while we were away.

The old grain truck and the best vehicle I ever drove a 1980 Chevy Scottsdale 1/2 ton have no hope of moving before spring not that they have moved in 2 years but hey it could happen!

Well I think that is all my rambling thoughts for now,