Saturday, January 23, 2010

Late night, an early morning and a long day

Well we landed in Orland at around 11:45 pm. After leaving home late and getting in to Minniapolis late and having to run to catch the plane on time we finally made it to a warm Orlando. We found our rental car and headed for the hotel. None of us had eaten since lunch so we decided to find someplace that was open at 12:45 in the morning. It ended up being IHOP. After a long awaited supper it was time to sleep!

Morning seemed to come very quick. We headed out for breackfast at McDonalds and then were off to EPCOT.

We got in the gate, took some pictures and were off to Sorin'. It is a ride I had never been on and was looking forward to getting to ride it. It was great. I was not dissapointed. Went to ride Mission: Space and see how long the wait was for Test Track. It was a 100 min wait and all fastpasses were gone so we decided to try it later.

We made our way around the world in World Showcase eating most of the way around it seemed like. Finally got on Test Track and it was great!!

Supper was at the England pavillion where we had fish and chips. They were very good! We sat on the curb under a street lamp. Kind of neat. Well now it was time for fireworks. The delema of where to watch them from was now the main thought in our minds. We ended up between the England Pavillion and the France Pavillion. The girls saves spots while the boys went to the bakery in France and then it was our turn to hit the bakery. I had the chocolate mousee. It was wonderful! It was time for the fireworks and they were amazing!

After the fireworks we and all the rest of the people in the park headed for the parking lot. Not to bad to get out of.

we walked to the cafeteria at the Caribbean Beach Resort and now are just relaxing in the room.

I keep talking about "we" and I don't think I have said who they are. Some of you know so just ignore this part. My Mom,Dad, my boyfriend Kevin, my brother Douglas and his girlfriend Britta make up the we.

This is the link for pictures i hope it works.

Good night all talk to you tomorrow!

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  1. Very nice! I hope you were texting or twittering me in that one pic! :)
    Glad to know all of you are having an awesome time! Can't wait to hear about the MK tomorrow!