Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just Diving In To This

Well hi everyone,

This is my first blog. The first time I have had a URL and whatever that means.

I have over the last few years taken several trips and have been sending emails every night to the people back home. Well I am taking it to an entirely new level. Obviously that means blogging.

I keep getting asked to post how the trip is going so why not do it so everyone can go to the same place.

So here I go diving in to this without much thought.

What made me start now? Well in about 17 hours from now my family and myself will be jetting off to Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida. It is a common family destination for us as it will be our 6th time going. I get asked often why we have gone so often. I don't have one reason I have many. The atmosphere, the rides, the food, the getting away from home, that happy feeling you get while you are there, the wonderful family time that happens and it's Disney you can't get much better than that (in my opinion).

I will post a link to pictures also but that will happen when I have taken pictures.

So I think this ends my first attempt at blogging. I hope I did not bore you to tears and that you will come back to read The Many Adventures of Bonnie.

My aim is to make you feel like you are there also.

So that's it for tonight, and until Saturday when I get internet back I hope you have a great night.

1 comment:

  1. YAY!! I cannot wait to read the reports! Keep them and the pics coming! Have an amazing vacation! Enjoy every minute! You deserve a trip back!