Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Beach Day

Well another day has come to an end and again I am to tired to load my pics on to drop shots so hopefully I will get there tomorrow to post some.

Today we went to Daytona Beach and spent the day there.
Kevin and I went to the Daytona Intl Speedway. Douglas and Britta went and rented a Harley from the dealership here and toured around for a bit and Mom and Dad sat in the parking lot waiting for them.

After we all got back together we went down to the Beach and walked along the water for about an hour. The sand is so soft and watching the waves come and go is mesmerising. I love the ocean. It is so peaceful.

The plan was to come back and shop but we were having to much fun on the beach so we just stayed in Daytona for the day.

We toured around the tallest lighthouse in Florida. It is at Daytona Beach and is called the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse. Wow is it huge. There are 203 stairs to climb to the top. I am not very good with heights and I only made it up the first flight. Mom made it half way up and came back down. Douglas, Kevin and Britta made it to the top!! They said it was very very windy up there.

We had supper at Cracker Barrel and then came back to Orlando. We went to the hot tub again and now its time to sleep.

Off to Animal Kingdom tomorrow and more shopping.

Till tomorrow folks!

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