Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A House Full of Rocks

About a month ago my roommates and I, fresh off of watching the Canadian Men win gold in curling at the 2010 Olympics decided that we should go watch the Women's World Curling Championsip since it was only two and a half hours away.

We looked at the games and picked where we wanted to sit and were very excited! Next thought: a hotel room. There has to be one room that would fit 4 of us in Swift Current right. Nope. So with tickets paid for and non refundable we began searching for a room for 1 night. There waws thoughts of driving back to Moose Jaw but that is a 2 hour drive and silly. We finally found a Bed and Breakfast that thankfully had one room left that fit 4 people!! Someone upstairs was looking out for us! Email sent to the B&B and we had our room, now the wait for March 21 and 22 to come around.

Ok enough back story.

Jump to March 21, 2010. We left Regina at 9:20 a whole 10 min early!! Stopped to see my mom where she works and were back on the road to Swift Current. The first draw we woulld be watching was at 1:30 so we made it to Swift with time for lunch! 4crazy Canadian girls getting ready to watch curling!! We were excited!

Canada's Jennifer Jones team played Latvia.
Ok so Latvia has not been curling long so it was kind of a blow out for Canada but Latvia played well.

We found our B&B and we slept in a barn that has been converted to rooms. So fun!!

The 7:30 draw came around and it was Canada vs China. It was a great game. All of the sudden my phone was going off with text messages. I opened it and read the first one from my brother: Are you waving a Canadian flag? I wrote back: Yes I am how do you know? Another text from my dad: We just saw you on TV. Ok so that's how my brother knew I was waiving a flag. So yours truly ended up on TSN after Canada made a beautiful shot and I was cheering!

We had a late night and then an early morning on Tuesday due to an 8:30 draw. One of my roommates and I decided to stay of all 3 draws on Tues. We came in 2 cars so one went back early and we stayed and left Swift Current at 10:30. We were home just before 1am.

We had a blast! The curling was great. We ment the Latvian team who are very nice

and one of my roommates got to meet and talk to the skip of the Scotland team. Lots of nice people watching the games and we made friends every where we went. Curling fans are great!!! We made lots of wonderful memories and yes I took lots of pictures!

Well until next time,

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